Anahita Modarresi - Parallel Lives (CD) (5871760375961)

Anahita Modarresi - Parallel Lives (CD)


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Anahita Modarresi is an Iranian composer living in Germany. She was born in September 1985 in Isfahan, one of the historically and culturally most important cities of Iran. Coming from an academic family, Anahita specialized in mathematics and physics at school. And this despite the fact that she has always had a passion for art, which first expressed itself through poems and paintings. After graduating from high school, she pursued a degree in makeup design while also completing her collection of poetry, Diazepam Dreams, which has garnered critical acclaim through her blog.
In addition to her university studies, classical singing lessons, her harp playing and further education in music theory and solfeggio took up most of her young adult life. She later became a member of the Tehran Choir and released her first songs under the name Erato in Iran. Although she didn't know it at the time, it was to be a big step in her role as a composer.
April 2014 was one of the darkest moments of her life. Lost in dark thoughts between disappointments and sadness, she weighed between life and death. One day as she sat at the piano, the sounds of the moment and harmonies of her grief solidified. The music for the album "Parallel Lives" was created, which earned her the title "Distinguished Musician and Honorable Mention" at the IBLA Grand Prize Composition Competition 2014. Because of this award, Anahita decided to go back to university to pursue a masters in composition.
In 2014 she recorded the first album "Parallel Lives" composed by Anahita Modarresi. The piece Stella on it won third prize in the Alvarez composition competition for chamber orchestra. After moving to Germany in 2015, she started working on her second album. In 2016 she was awarded the title of "Most Distinguished Musician" in the IBLA Grand Prize composition competition for her piece "Katja Is Passing Away". At the same time, in December 2016, she held her first exhibition as a painter.
Today, Anahita Modarresi resides in the beautiful city of Freinsheim while pursuing her career as a composer and collaborating with great musicians to soon be able to present her compositions on stage.

01 Stella
02 Charlotte Is A Witch
03 Parallel Lives
04 We All Are Going To Lose Our Mother
05 Oracle Of Angels