Andora - Eine Ochsentour über die Dörfer (Buch + DVD) (Mediabook inkl. CD)

Andora - A slog across the villages (Book + DVD)


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172 pages, full color
+ Autographed replica (1 of 5 motifs)
+ Bonus DVD with short documentary about Andora at FlotART 2018
incl. foreword by Christof Stein-Schneider (Fury in the Slaughterhouse)

The internationally renowned PopArt artist Andora worked for several months in tranquil surroundings: Rodenbach in the Palatinate, Bröckel near the Lüneburg Heath and the small town of Filderstadt. A fascinating experience for the cosmopolitan Andora, who until now has been at home in large metropolises. From the beginning, the grand master of colors recorded his impressions and his work during this time on Facebook. This is how a special diary was created, consisting of well over 1,000 postings and around 5,000 photos, which author and photographer Jens-Christian Schulze edited and put into book form, supplemented with many photos of Andora's stay in Bröckel.