André Carswell - singing for your soul (CD)

André Carswell - singing for your soul (CD)


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With "singing for your soul" the singer André Carswell from Macon, Georgia has released a crossover album that expressively demonstrates his class as a pop and soul singer. Producer and arranger was the pianist Michael Hauck, with whom he has been touring Germany as a duo since 2016. In the fateful year of 2020, the two began writing songs together. They used the time in lockdown to record their debut album "singing for your soul".

Nevertheless, both musicians can look back on a long career in the music business. In the past two decades, André has been the frontman of the progressive rock band "Anyone's Daughter", with whom he has recorded 4 CDs. He was also the singer of the project "Milestones of Rock" (live concerts and 2 CD productions with symphony orchestra). Michael Hauck comes from the jazz scene, has accompanied poetry evenings on the piano, played in the Franconian dance scene, made rock music for children and has always offered live music with his own formations.
"singing for your soul" contains 11 original compositions by the duo, 3 compositions by André that he has already released and with Kayleigh an unplugged version of the Marillion classic. Every detail reveals the care and professionalism with which the two musicians approached the compositions, arrangements and recording technology. The songs show André's outstanding vocal technique, which spans 4 octaves. In order to do justice to his changeable voice, a wide-ranging mix of various pop genres was created - grounded in funk and soul - voilà!

01 Curse Of The Dreads
02 Promise
03 No Man's Land
04 Happy Go Lucky
05 Singing For Your Soul
06 Only You Can Make Me Happy
07 My Mama Called Me
08 Coconut Tree
09 Think About U
10 Kayleigh
11 Missing Lovers
12 Beautiful Girls
13 Watch Out Now
14 Helios Reloaded
15 The Message