Andre Schmidt - Ausnahmsweise Zweifelsfrei (CD) (5871712141465)

Andre Schmidt - For once without a doubt (CD)


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Movies are at least 90 minutes long. TV series tell in many seasons. Andre Schmidt's sung stories are over after just three minutes. But then you want to hear them again. And again.
The opportunity to do so is provided by "Exceptional Doubt Free", an album brimming with charm, poetry and depth. The great musical variety of the songs comes along almost casually. Because Andre Schmidt's personal tone of voice full of wit and melancholy combines light with dark, songwriter pop with chanson, as well as joy of playing with sensitivity - and all this happens with great ease.
Andre Schmidt recorded his songs in the legendary Maarweg Studio in Cologne. Even after listening to it several times, " Exceptionally doubtless" still amazes with lots of loving details: retro synths, choirs, Hammond organ, trombone, vibraphone or delicacies from Sting percussionist Rhani Krija. And for the final mix, producer Wolfgang Stach (BAP, Jupiter Jones) even turned on his old tape machine.
Trends come and go. What remains are timeless songs and an attitude towards the world. Then an unmistakably unique style emerges of its own accord, as in the enchanting hymns by Andre Schmidt. If you like subtle German lyrics and acoustic guitars, you can buy this album blindly - " Exceptionally doubtless" .

01 taxi
02 indie pop girls
03 Exceptionally without a doubt
04 Master of tomato sauce
05 Brazilian
06 My wonderful corduroy jacket
07 Oh Boris, do you remember?
08 Sept
09 I have to change your life
10 To my old self