Andy Houscheid - Scheinen (CD) (5871734063257)

Andy Houscheid - Notes (CD)

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Andy Houscheid is a fixture among pop and jazz musicians in Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg. He studied jazz and songwriting followed like a natural line in the development of the pianist and singer. With his second album "Scheinen" Andy Houscheid combines committed pop music with the sonorous quality of a virtuoso jazz musician.
Andy Houscheid lets this adventure resonate in us through his music and his lyrics. His songs are emotional, exciting and profound. The music combines different musical genres and creates a fantastic, atmospheric mood that runs through the whole album. The album title "Scheinen" fits perfectly with Houscheid's music, because Scheinen stands for radiance and brilliance.

01 shimmer
02 home
03 bills
04 When I stopped
05 Frida
06 After us
07 Sienna
08 streets to the south
09 Where are you going
10 Your laugh