Andy Houscheid - Von hier aus weiter (CD) (5871691137177)

Andy Houscheid - Continue From Here (CD)


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Songs that life writes. A new voice and one worth discovering. Andy Houscheid is a trained pianist. He was influenced by jazz pianists and vocalists such as Grönemeyer, Wecker and Reiser. One unites several souls in his breast.
The debut album "Further From Here" was recorded with a well-rehearsed band. Mentally, Andy is incredibly alert and agile. His music lies between styles. It's not pop, too demanding. Jazz, that's where the purists have their doubts. Whatever the expectations, Andy Houscheid is a strong, artistic personality who knows exactly what he wants. He studied with the outstanding jazz pianists Diederik Wissels in Brussels, Richie Beirach in Leipzig and Klaus Ignatzek in Oldenburg. The titles of the new CD exude a touch of melancholy, but are neither gloomy nor sad.
A great album for ears and heart.

01 hovering
02 Still the dreams
03 On their travels
04 Small world
05 Not for everyone
06 The best
07 child
08 Spring Dreams
09 Between lines
10 Free fall
11 Nothing to lose
12 It stays
13 wind
14 Not a bad person