Andy Jones - Unspoken (CD) (5871741042841)

Andy Jones - Unspoken (CD)


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Probably the most melodic metal voice in Germany comes from Northern England: As Ferryman frontman Andy Jones inspires with an extraordinary singing voice somewhere between "Mountain King" Jon Oliva and James Hetfield. For his solo debut "Unspoken" he completes the transformation from rock lead singer to singer/songwriter. He now sings about “I” and “You”, looks into himself and brings the unspoken to light.

01 Unspoken
02 If You Dare
03 Give Me A Reason Not To Love You
04 Smile In My Sleep
05 Forgot To Forget You
06 Her Silent Request
07 His Silent Reply (Run Together)
08 Don't Look
09 Do We Have To Feel The Magic Every Time?
10 betrayal
11 My Heart, My Head