Andyra - Fantastische Reisen (CD) (5871814410393)

Andyra - Fantastic Voyages (CD)


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Do you forget about time and space, do you stand in front of it, follow the path, step through the gate! There, where the conscious ends and the unconscious begins, that's where we want to talk about and that's where we'll lead you! The music of Andyra, the folk-rock band, feels like the morning mist that slowly clears and finally allows a clear view, like a gate that is opened for us listeners to reveal a view of a distant land of fantasy from Vienna/Austria.
The wonderful songs sung in German with folk instruments, framed by classic rock instruments, sound "dreamy and gentle, cheerful and lively". The extraordinary and expressive singer Bettina Kiegler lends her voice to the words and creates images and feelings that enchant the listener. Each song has its own very special sound and yet all songs are unmistakably part of a fantastic world called Andyra. Therefore the band bears this name because it is connected to this world and the songs tell about it.
“Joy and sorrow, love and lust, adventure and struggle” – the stories to be heard are endless, and Andyra invites you to experience them. With her debut album "Magic of Fantasy", which was released in March 2015, Andyra created a work in which words and melodies merge into images and feelings that take us on a journey and make us a part of this wondrous world permit. In 2016 Andyra sets the feeling of longing for a loved one to music with the single "Waiting" in a wonderful way and lets us feel all the melancholy, sadness, but also hope. A song that gets under your skin! With the brand new album "Fantastic Journeys", the band once again invites their listeners on a fantastic journey through the magical world of Andyra. 12 works tell the stories of brave warriors, forgotten dryads and a people who rebel against their king.

01 give way to tyrants
02 annual round
03 The hunt
04 From Schiller's creation
05 As if on gentle wings
06 The first flight
07 The Sister of the Dryads
08 Little Princess
09 desert land
10 waiting
11 Stand your ground
12 On the run
13 radio play to the song "The Sister of the Dryads"