Andyra - Magie der Fantasie (CD) (5871711355033)

Andyra - Magic of Fantasy (CD)


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There where the conscious ends and the unconscious begins, that's where we want to talk about and that's where we'll lead you! Like the morning fog that slowly dissolves and finally allows a clear view. Like a gate that is opened for us eavesdroppers to reveal a view of a distant land of fantasy. That's how you feel about the music of Andyra, the medieval fantasy folk rock band around the singer Bettina Kiegler from Vienna/Austria.
The wonderful compositions by Bettina Kiegler and Zhang Jun Hao sound “dreamy and gentle, cheerful and lively”, harmoniously framed with folk instruments and classic rock instruments. The lyrics, which are all written in German, were written by the scriptor Helius, who, inspired by his experiences in the land of fantasy, put his stories on paper and poured the words into songs.
The soulful and extraordinary singer Bettina lent her voice to these words and brings the stories to life for us again. Each song has its own very special sound and yet all songs are unmistakably sprung from a fantastic world called Andyra and whose name the band took.
With her debut album "Magic of Fantasy", which will be released in March 2015, Andyra creates a work in which words and melodies combine to form images and feelings that take us on a journey and make us a part of this wondrous world permit. The title of the album reveals a lot. The songs have sprung from the imagination, and they seduce you into the fantastic. Whether listening to the gentle tunes of the faun or dancing to the serene beats of a tavern song, the band enchantingly entertain their diverse audience. "Joy and sorrow, love and lust, adventure and struggle" are endless the stories to listen to, which Andyra invites you to experience.

01 The Song of the Faun
02 Restless Spirit
03 Between the worlds
04 The offering
05 The Dragon Riders
07 Get the barrel