Anna Leman - About Dreams (CD) (5871705718937)

Anna Leman - About Dreams (CD)


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One of the most seductive voices in town.
Anna takes her listeners on a journey and immerses them in a world of great emotions. With devotion to music and unique passion, Anna Leman sings her way into the hearts of her audience. In 2007, the Munich jazz singer made her debut as a composer and lyricist with her album "Moonhours". In 2010 the second album "Spuren" followed.
For her new album "About Dreams" she was able to win musicians from the Staatstheater am Gärtnerplatz in Munich for her great jazz cast. Leman's music moves smoothly between different genres. Jazz, pop and classical elements naturally flow into each other and offer a variety of tones and moods. The current stage program consists of songs from the three albums.

01 Dreamer
02 Unreachable Dreams
03 Grey
04 Sunny Day
05 Heartburned
06 Day By Day
07 Once
08 So close to heaven
09 Right From The Start
10 Poor Boy
11 Sunrise