Anthonys Garden - Lost Descendants (CD) (5871732687001)

Anthony's Garden - Lost Descendants (CD)


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In March 2016 Anthony's Garden's second album will be released by Nasswetter Music Group. The work was recorded and produced by sound magician Martin Kälberer. The pre-release concert takes place on March 4th in the Kranhalle/Feierwerk in Munich. For this special event, the three musicians bring reinforcements onto the stage: Marion Dimbath on trombone, Reinhard Greiner on trumpet and Robin Kern on bass. The duo of light metal announced themselves as support. Marion Dimbath and Nicola Schüpferling will make irony detectors run hot with tuba, glockenspiel and their sweet songs.
On their new album "Lost Descendants", the trio of singer/songwriters Prince York and Maurice Brox and drummer Slim Pearl once again fully embrace the wisdom of folk songs, which remain reduced to their most essential components. Nonetheless, the three "Lost Descendants" go beyond their original cast here. Both wind sections can be heard there, but also sounds of Irish-like bagpipes and tin whistle as well as Eastern-meditative sitar melodies, which the multi-instrumentalist Tom Hake contributed. Texts that deal equally unvarnished with love, hate, drugs and death. It is noticeable that the story is not an accessory to the song, but a driving force that wants to be heard.

01 Heart Of Stone
02 Do Better This Time
03 The Trouble I'm In
04 How Can There Be Love
05 Pale Moon Rising
06 Lost Descendants
07 Hooked On You
08 The Better Man
09 Avalon
10 Does Anyone Know
11 One Two Three