Armin Sengbusch und die geheimen Sinfoniker - Ich kann fühlen, dass Du einsam bist (CD) (5871708962969)

Armin Sengbusch and the Secret Symphony Orchestra - I can feel that you are lonely (CD)


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In terms of language, he is at the top of the shelf: Armin Sengbusch aka writing stealer has won almost everything that can be won at the poetry slam, was twice in the semi-finals of the German-speaking championships in this literary discipline and was also the Hamburg champion. He has published seven books with various publishers, containing everything from poetry to a novel. And now he makes music too. Now? No, strictly speaking, Armin Sengbusch has always been a musician, but he has neglected his passion for telling stories with melody.
Live he always had the guitar with him, in 2014 he finally went to a recording studio and fulfilled a dream for himself and his fans. Now the debut album is here, which he himself has been waiting for for almost 30 years: With "I can feel that you are lonely", the powerfully eloquent artist has created something that is second to none. Together with the "Secret Symphony Orchestra" and his guitar, he lays a carpet of sound on which his words effortlessly wander into the listener's ears. "Of course it's the best album I've ever made," he explains with a wink and describes his music as "mood hits to cry, think about and enjoy".
But there is much more to it than that. His songs leave traces, they move and carry you along despite the calm arrangements. He always hits the core, he hits people's hearts and precisely where they understand him. Armin Sengbusch is different and he shows that with this album too: Not mainstream, but a powerful current that, once heard, you can no longer escape.

01 Right & Left
02 monument
03 Anonymous
04 Christina
05 silence
06 thought trees
07 patchwork
08 Hello God
09 Let go
10 No luck and no blessing
11 Dream Woman