Aron L Flow - Black Water (CD)

Aron L Flow - Black Water (CD)


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In 2013, songs and stories about life, love, anger, chewing gum and moving to North Korea grew for Aron L Flow from fragments of the previous ten years.
Since then, his songbook has been growing steadily. For Aron L Flow, songwriting has now become a mental hygiene measure.
Over the years in which he has been involved in many different music, theater and art projects, playing and singing songs from Iron Maiden to Kurt Tucholsky, Aron L Flow has given up his artistic ambition on the guitar and focused on songwriting with a guitar trick.
From 2015 the band will join. After guest appearances by various musicians on trombone, saxophone and blues harp, the first self-release ("Move to North Korea" EP, 2016) and a change in the bass line-up, today's core line-up crystallized in 2017 with Aron L Flow on guitar and vocals, Mick Jackson on drums and percussion, and Erik Remme on various basses and background vocals. The Aron L Flow Band won the main prize at the first concert in the Tower Club in Bremen and played as a newcomer at the Rocken am Brocken Festival in 2018.
Since then, the concert tour has never ended. Tight, dynamic, versatile. Melodies in your ears, groove in your legs. Songs with history and feeling. Aron L Flow sings about politics and gardening, about lucid dreams, love and longing. Drums and bass groove, Aron caresses the strings. Or let them tear. Because sometimes it has to come out. Guitar picking, rock - hard or soft, melodic pop rooted in the blues. Thematically and musically diverse.

01 Any Other Day
02 Blackwater
03 Christmas Night Out
04 Discover Disguise
05 Florence Foster Jenkins
06 Heavenly Dance Floor
07 Hunting A Verse
08 Old Man Die Young
09 Shedding Skin
10 You And Me