Arrest - Reincarnation (CD) (5871821848729)

Arrest - Reincarnation (CD)


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After a ten-year hiatus, the band returns with this powerful album that brings together the strongest ARREST songs and presents them in an up-to-date modern remastered sound. Classic, powerful, melodic hard rock is the measure of all things here.
ARREST music means the connection between straightness and progressiveness in one. Songs like "Big Jim" and "Beast In You" impress with their direct orientation, while titles like "Shadows Behind Me" or the epic ballad "Desperate Memories" increase in many new twists. The same applies to "Solitary Man" and "Silent Truth". Since the complete ARREST attitude applies to every song without exception, there is no need to recommend a specific track or several tracks. It should only be mentioned that the instrumental "Easy" is offered as the seventh song in the middle of the album. "The Other Dimension" is also a listening invitation for fans of the fastest hard rock music (speed).
The CD offers a total of 14 songs and more than 67 minutes of dynamic, melodic ARREST hard rock music, which appeals especially to fans of this genre. The cover was designed by German artist/graphic artist Jens Zaremba.

01 Solitary Man
02 Beast In You
03 Dancing On The Edge Of Chaos
04 Dirty Black Hole
05 Nightstalker
06 Desperate Memories
07 Easy
08 Silent Truth
09 Soldier Of Sins
10 The Difference
11 Big Jim
12 Shadows Behind Me
13 The Other Dimension
14 Same Old Story