Arrested Mind - Frontal (CD) (5871753199769)

Arrested Mind - Frontal (CD)


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Straight and hard, true to old influences, open to new things. Something with New York hardcore and Bay Area thrash maybe. Zeitgeist? Doesn't really matter. Too old to bow down to current trends, too young to give up your beliefs. German lyrics, mostly and at the moment anyway - there's just so damn much to say in these times. And otherwise? Burning for the common cause. That's all - and more than enough. Which category do Arrested Mind fit into? You could locate them - if that's the case: between old thrash/hardcore like SOD, Pantera, Pro-Pain, Biohazard and new German hardcore bands like Thousand Lions among enemies or GWLT.

01 New Brown Centre
02 Against the wall
03 impulse
04 drawer
05 Until your feet bleed
06 Go away
07 Spreader Of fear