As I Rise - s/t (CD) (5871729016985)

As I Rise - s/t (CD)


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"[...] While I'm still wondering how singer Maze manages to move so much and still shout flawlessly, the next backflip is coming." - Carnage Magazine
“Love and anger, hate and courage, step by step do something; move something. The album is thematically exactly what defines us as a band.”- As I Rise
Lyrically, they want to encourage the listener to learn more about the content of their songs. About grievances in the past and current problems around us. Personal distress, social, ecological or societal injustice, as well as principles that are going wrong in the world are processed in the album. Everyone can identify with it and everyone knows these problems - everyone can start, everyone can help - everyone can make a difference! It's not about pointing fingers, it's not about being a role model: It's about getting something moving in the listeners with music.
Musically, the lyrics are packed in rebellious, powerful riff rage and underpinned with poignant melodies. There is also clear, rousing but not pop vocals to underline text passages and refrains. Adrenaline-soaked screams, polyphonic choirs, string parts and nuances of effects - all this makes the quartet's seventh-titled debut a very special album by a still fresh newcomer band. Recorded, mixed and mastered in Pitchback Studio with Aljoscha Sieg (ANY GIVEN DAY, ESKIMO CALLBOY, VITJA…)

01 Ignite
02 Repace The Earth
03 The Birth Of A New Rage
04 Riptide
05 If I Die, Hang Me High
06 Glass Walls
07 Dryland
08 Fri/End Of Mine
09 You Deserve
10 Never Let Fear Decide Your Fate