Ausfahrt - Vergessene Möglichkeiten (CD) (5871774597273)

Exit - Forgotten Opportunities (CD)


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The music of exit is rooted in Christina Zurhausen's own experiences and follows the aesthetic of grunge rock. The band leader, who comes from the rough everyday life of the Ruhr area, composes the band's songs - songs which, despite their clear structure and melody, are based on improvisation and are characterized by catchiness.
Zurhausen's music tells of loving and quarreling worlds, with a penchant for philosophy, in an attempt to fathom what holds the world together at its core. Always the Ruhr area in mind, the experienced 90s and beloved 60s in mind.
It's about emotions that lie deeper and are processed in an energetic way by the well-rehearsed musicians with a modern, rocking attitude.

1. Kiss The Night Air
2. Grunge Mess
3. Tango Unchained
4. Forgotten Opportunities
5. 221B
6. Ornette Soul
7. Monk's Honk
8. Sick
9. All The Walls I Strike My Head Against Are Inside My Head