Baby Kreuzberg - Speak Of The Devil (12" Vinyl-Album) (5871806415001)

Baby Kreuzberg - Speak Of The Devil (12" vinyl album)


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It has now taken three years for the Berlin songwriter Marceese to release his second Baby Kreuzberg album. In addition to his over 100 solo concerts a year, his other musical projects are also to blame for the long waiting time. In the meantime he has released a double album and three more KISS cover CDs with his desert rock band Red Stoner Sun and promoted his children's song band Raketen Erna.
On “Speak of the Devil” you will find a sporty balancing act of the genres, as one is used to from Berliners. While the opener “You can't bring me down” is knee-deep in the blues, “The root of evil” is swingy and rock-a-billy-esk and from the driving QOTSA garage rock to “Blonde on Blonde” to the intimate farewell song "It's the end" on the piano, the field of rock'n'roll is plowed in all its facets. The first release "Down by the lake" is about a serial killer and the album also has a spooky mood.
You'd think Jim Jarmusch would have asked for a soundtrack and got “Speak of the Devil”. But the folky moments are also included with “What the fuzz?”, A swan song for the right-wing extremists, and with “Thank you” Baby Kreuzberg settles accounts with an organizer. With “Twilight” Marceese conjures up a flawless catchy tune that nobody wants to be.
“Speak of the Devil” will be released by Timezone Records as gatefold vinyl including a download card with 3 bonus tracks.
From November Baby Kreuzberg will be on a solo tour across the country again. The man comes around.

01 You can't bring me down
02 The root of evil
03 Down by the lake
04 Blonde on blonde
05 It's the end
06 Twilight
07 Thank you
08 What the fuzz?
09 Two kinds of people
10 Be nobody
11 Girl with spanish eyes
12 Looking for a change (live)