Bad Temper Joe - Ain’t Worth a Damn (CD) (5871773057177)

Bad Temper Joe - Ain’t Worth a Damn (CD)


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Bad Temper Joe presents his new album Ain't Worth a Damn, a collection of original and traditional blues tunes recorded during an intimate concert at the songwriter's hangout Café de Loge in Ghent, as part of Joe's tour of Belgium in November 2017.
With nine songs, eight original compositions, as well as a homage to Willie Dixon's "Spoonful", it goes on a journey through a musical landscape that has its roots in remote swamps and dewy meadows of the southern states. Ballads of love and loss, strokes of fate, destruction, alchemy and black magic follow. Cheering storms and shouts of joy are rare, the bones are heavy from the journey and the mouth is full of dust from the Teutoburg wasteland, the clothes are still wet from the Westphalian rain. Bad Temper Joe tells us his story in the tradition of the old Mississippi Delta blues singers, with the power of one man and his guitar.
"Ain't Worth a Damn" marks Joe's seventh long player since the release of his debut album "Sometimes A Sinner" in 2014. Produced by Fernant Zeste and Jakob Eismann, Bad Temper presents Joe, following his excursion with electric band on the 2017 album "Bad Temper Joe And His Band", this time again as we know him: in his purest and most unadulterated form - acoustically, alone and "live in concert".

1. Farmer's Daugher
2. Most Things Haven't Worked Out Yet
3. If Tears Were Diamonds
4. Nighthawk Woman Blues #9
5. Delilah
6. Man For The Road
7. Honey On My Biscuit
8. Spoonful
9. I Bid You Goodnight, Sweet Marie