Bad Temper Joe - Double Trouble (CD) (5871730294937)

Bad Temper Joe - Double Trouble (CD)


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Dry tones of acoustic guitar, harmonica and the words "Gonna tell you 'bout a girl" open blues singer/songwriter Bad Temper Joe's new album "Double Trouble".
And then he begins to tell, about the girl who teaches men a lesson (Girl from the East), about love and sin (If Tears Were Diamonds), about the only thing that makes him happy (I'll Be Happy When You Cry), talks about his daily routine (24 Hours of the Day) or just wants answers (Ever Meet Again). In order not to endure all this blues alone, harmonica player Marcel Rahe joins in on six of the ten songs and provides musical support where necessary.
"Double Trouble" offers acoustic blues, songs and stories reduced to the essentials, the focus is on the text, the music sparingly, the songs simply knitted, as you know it from Bad Temper Joe.

1 Double trouble
2 Girl from the east
3 Spoonful
4 If tears were diamonds
5 I'll be happy when you cry
6 Next to you
7 24 hours of the day
8 Watching her sleeping
9 Ever meet again
10 Gave up loving you