Bad Temper Joe - Sometimes A Sinner (CD) (5871696478361)

Bad Temper Joe - Sometimes A Sinner (CD)


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The just 21-year-old from Bielefeld has already made a name for himself on the blues stages of East Westphalia within a short time and is no longer just an insider tip for insiders.
Combining powerful guitar and harmonica playing with an expressive voice, Joe knows how to captivate any blues and folk audience with his extraordinary stage presence.

01 Why Do I Choose To Suffer
02 Lead Me, Great Jehova
03 Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde
04 Next To You
05 Where Is Home
06 Waiting For Jimmy
07 That Is That
08 Love Is Evil
09 True-Hearted
10 Broken Bottle Top
11 Sleeping Giant Blues
12 Where My Sorrow Goes