Bärbel Becker - Einfach da! (CD) (5871823519897)

Bärbel Becker - just there! (CD)


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"I want to remove the impossibility from my life, I want everything to be possible." Bärbel Becker has taken up this challenge with her album "Einfach da!" and has impressively proven that nothing is impossible.
The result: 13 titles, all somewhere between singer-songwriter, pop and hit. That means exciting lyrics, catchy melodies and a great voice. Bärbel Becker sings about being abandoned ("If you go") after a failed attempt to save a relationship ("Talking to you") to the absolute feeling of happiness just waking up together in the morning.
So: Simply absorb all the moods that the album brings with it and find yourself again. One will be happy when listening to the CD with Bärbel Becker, one will suffer with her and wish her all the best, because these are stories from life and experience has shown that they repeat themselves somehow, always somewhere.

01 Just there
02 You are meant
03 When you go
04 summer 2010
05 Just hold me tight
06 A wish
07 Too much to lose
08 To the stars
09 Talking to you
10 Time is running out
11 What have you actually done with my life
12 We can do it
13 A Wish (Guinea Pig Song)