Bartomuk - Regenfernsehen (CD) (5871728525465)

Bartomuk - Rain TV (CD)


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Bartomuk sounds like a picture book. Mysterious, confused, touching.
The listener is curious, he opens the book impetuously with both hands and they flow towards him, wet his skin with carelessness and bring wrinkles and tears to his face: stories. Tales of unseemly sirens on the verge between bliss and madness. Tales of battling Goliath, getting older, leaving the familiar cozy bear's den into the pounding rain of reality.

01 prologue
02 Damn Nighttime
03 Rain TV
04 Mary Nice Place
05 I Really Liked It
06 feather and stone
07 Minimal blues
08 From A Dark And Drafty Street
09 Siren song
10 Desde
11 ellipsis
12 Epilogue