Bastian Wadenpohl - Abgrundtiefüberflüssig (CD) (5871769288857)

Bastian Wadenpohl - Deep Abyss Superfluous (CD)


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I feel part of the sea that washes up the songs that I like to listen to myself. On the wall above my stove, Dylan, Cohen and Co look spellbound on cardboard at my kitchen table, where I write songs like these twelve. And sometimes they look like this and sometimes they look like this. Like me. This is my niche and this is my protocol.
Bastian Wadenpohl, born in Cologne in 1985, lives in Wuppertal, is a singer-songwriter. The present album was created between March and September 2017 in the Eric Harings recording studio and was published by Retap Verlag. It is Wadenpohl's second studio album after the debut "Griesgramgrüße aus dem Gartencafé".

1. Two thousand and something
2. The shark off Hawaii
3. Swing carousel
4. Peter's salvation
5. Just not you
6. Nutshell Captain
7. Because the heart
8. Surreptitious Advertising
9. Boot kicks
10. Ants and Strawberry Ice Cream
11. Chain dog barking
12. Cosmonaut