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BB4D - Sanatorium (CD)


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'Alternative ProgPop' is what the members of the band BB4D call their style of music. They don't feel like they belong to any of the myriad styles, so they coined a new term for their music.
The band's name stands for 'Best Before Death', as it consists of experienced musicians who have experienced and helped shape many eras of rock music history. In their music there are influences of art and prog rock of the 70s, clear and catchy hooks and melodies of the 80s, groove and pressure of the 90s and last but not least variety, danceability and sound aesthetics of the 21st century.
Their classic line-up with two virtuoso rock guitars, a powerfully grooving bass, powerful yet filigree drums and expressive, distinctive vocals is supplemented by the electric violin and electric harp, which are rather unusual instruments for this genre. And, no, this is not Celtic Folkrock!
These two instruments are played alongside the tasteful keyboard sounds of the creators, founders, songwriters and masterminds of the idiosyncratic formation. He is also responsible for the sometimes irritating but coherent atmospheres that enrich the titles again and again. In addition, his lyrics, sometimes direct and to the point, sometimes whimsical and full of poetry, are far removed from the usual pop prose. But they always talk about people and their very different stories.
Last but not least, the sound man is an integral part of the group. He is responsible for the very transparent, yet always powerful sound at the band's live concerts as well as for the convincing modern sound aesthetics of their recordings.
BB4D is a collective that works well both at large open air events and in small clubs. The current long player of the group 'Sanatorium' once again shows the wide range as well as the catchy qualities of their songs. And he shows that the band is far from having reached the sell-by date:
She's Clear - Best Before...

01 Catalyst
02 Love In The Absence Of Beauty
03 Summer On The Isle Of Light
04 Burning Man
05 Woodland Walk
06 Rivers And Mountains
07 Alien's Divine
08 sanatorium
09 The End Of The Internet
10 Life On Mars