Beach Voice - Surfin’ Cologne, Surfin’ Bonn (CD) (5871780200601)

Beach Voice - Surfin' Cologne, Surfin' Bonn (CD)


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"Kölsche Tön" or One shouldn't expect carnival/service provider music when listening to Beach Voice's songs, even if the signal word "Cologne" appears in the title. Beach Voice are a (the?) German Beach Boys tribute band, based in Cologne/Bonn, who release three live recordings and one song plus its chillout remix with this EP.
The disc primarily serves as a "take-away" for cheerful concert-goers, and also as a convincing business card for organizers of future gigs. In addition, the song "Surfin' Cologne, Sufin' Bonn" is a refreshingly quirky little 60s retro piece with strong lyrics, which now serves as the band's signature song. Cheerful, without overlooking how thin the ice has become: "...enjoy the sun, and a bit of fun, even on the edge of an atomic war...". Behind the production is the Cologne musician Peter Lingemann, who has access to a network of top-class supporters.
The wind sections, for example, were arranged by Heiner Schmitz (NDR Big Band, Jazzkantine, Joe Cocker, etc.), the vocal sections bear the signature of the wonderful Renate Otta (BAP, Wolf Maahn & die Deserteure, "The Voice of Germany", etc.). The remixed version was created in collaboration with David Rynkowski (Norah Jones, Luciel, etc.).

01 Surfin' Cologne, Surfin' Bonn
02 California Girls (live)
03 I Get Around (live)
04 Good Vibrations (live)
05 Surfin' Cologne, Surfin' Bonn (Chillout Remix)