Beata - Promise (CD) (5871733801113)

Beata - Promise (CD)


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She's anything but ordinary. The singer from Poland has the musical talent, plays the piano and celebrates the modern electro-pop voice that a chart-topping artist needs.
Beata has lived on the world stage of music since she was a child, and has worked in music studios in Berlin, Munich, Paris and Stockholm. The singer has been awarded the Integration Prize for Tolerance in Poland. More information on Facebook at Beata Beats.

01 We Don't Have To Learn (The Force Radio Mix)
02 Promise
03 Reason
04 Grateful
05 Galaxy
06 Remember
07 It's U
08 Believe
09 Straight To The Sun
10 Love Of War
11 Can You Feel The Music
12 We Don't Have To Learn (Album Mix)
13 We Don't Have To Learn (Tropical Radio Mix)