Béla Meinberg Trio - Akkolo (CD)

Béla Meinberg Trio - Accolo (CD)


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Béla Meinberg presents his new trio album "Akkolo"! That word, which in the pianist's childhood was allowed to be used as a universal word for everything, also describes the second album of the Berlin trio most aptly: Everything that pleases and is fun is included. Except food. With Thorbjørn Stefansson and Jordan Dinsdale, one of the most innovative and creative rhythm groups in the capital has set up here to create music together.
"My favorite trio!" - Mom

01Free 1
02 The fox at night
03Free 2
04 All of Me
05 What is beauty?
06Free 3
07 Richie Cole Energy Song
08 Free 4
09 segments
10 goodbye
11 21