Ben Schadow - Liebe zur Zeit der Automaten (CD) (5871675736217)

Ben Schadow - Love in the Age of Automata (CD)


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Ben Schadow has been a music enthusiast since the early 90s: producing, composing, arranging, writing lyrics and touring wherever and however he can. It's no secret that the shy and quiet musician likes to act from the background. However, if you look around the German music scene, you will find his name almost everywhere: Whether on bass with Bernd Begemann and Dirk Darmstädter or in the studio with Sophie Rois and Paul Kuhn.
As varied as Ben works passionately for other musicians, he writes his own varied songs with passion.
Musically, his debut album builds a bridge between the pop of the 1960s, the underground of the 1990s and the present day. Most of his lyrics are about the thrill of social clashes, not only in the real world but also in the imaginary. Hence the title of the album "Love at the time of the machines" ... a reference to a novel by his favorite author ETA Hoffmann.

01 intro
02 I always fall for the same things
03 Wooden heart
04 Mercy is carried in coffins
05 How easy it would be to just stay
06 One out of pride, one out of shame
07 Together last
08 Actually, it can't get any better
09 Bright spot in the Black Sea
10 What if it finds me awake?
11 I dreamed I was dead
12 Outro