Benni & ich - Kapitel Eins (CD) (5871782428825)

Benni & I - Chapter One (CD)


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The two brothers Sebastian and Benjamin Hinz from the district of Herford have been making music together since they were little. As the charismatic duo "Benni & Ich" they are now touring all over Germany with two guitars, two harmonic voices and their own German-language songs.
On their upcoming German-language debut album "Kapitel Eins" they wrote all the songs themselves and produced them in their own studio. Except for strings and a guest musician from Texas, you only hear Benjamin and Sebastian on the album. The thoroughbred musicians recorded all other instruments and voices themselves.
In addition to drums, bass and guitars, piano, organ, percussion, synthesizer and harmonica are also represented on "Chapter One". Both are equally involved in writing and composing, a true duo.
With a mix of pop music and singer-songwriter art, Benni & I bridge the gap between Clueso and Reinhard Mey - and always in a double pack!

1. Everyone always everything
2. Marina
3. Inhuman
4. You
5. Always us
6. Shadow Walkers
7. When you think
8. Sparkling wine and seltzer
9. Hand on heart
10. Favorite song
11. Tank
12. Stowaway
13. Rain