Benni & ich - Kapitel Zwei (CD) (5871828172953)

Benni & I - Chapter Two (CD)


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"Chapter Two" - That's the name of the new album by the sibling duo Benni & I from Hiddenhausen (NRW). It will be released on August 21st and is already the third album by the brothers Sebastian and Benjamin Hinz - and their second full-length work in German.
What to expect A colorful, varied album full of stories, observations, jokes and criticism - wrapped in catchy songs that are stylistically just as versatile as the topics they are about: aging superheroes, declarations of love, tennis players in broom closets, anthems for people with heavy bones or paradise cities called Bielefeld. When writing, it's important to the brothers that their songs work just as well with two voices and two guitars as with a full band. Because while everything on their albums is produced in a band arrangement, they concentrate on the essentials at their concerts: their lyrics and melodies. Drums and bass for this album were recorded in Australia by Daniel Farrugia and Luke Hodgens - who otherwise lend their services to Australian hit sibling duo Angus and Julia Stone. Together with other guest musicians, an album was created that the brothers are very proud of - and which is a lot of fun to listen to.
Band biography: The brothers Sebastian ("Batta") and Benjamin Hinz from Hiddenhausen (Herford district, North Rhine-Westphalia) have always been making music together. They have been doing this with their own songs and lyrics under the name Benni & Ich since 2017. Their first album "Jukebox" was released in the same year. Just one year later they released their second album: "Chapter One". While the predecessor was still entirely in English, the siblings made the logical change to texts in German with “Chapter One”. These lyrics deal with everything that concerns the two songwriters: joy, pain, love, friendship, the sometimes crazy everyday life and the comedy in which it all moves. The musical influences of the two multi-instrumentalists range from pop and rock to folk, country and jazz - and this diversity can also be found on the albums produced in their own studio.
They arrange their pieces in a band and play all the instruments themselves - with a few exceptions. On stage, however, the duo perform their songs the way they were written: with two voices and two guitars. With their program full of catchy melodies, Benni & I have been touring all over Germany since 2017.

01 Hey Sabine
03 You belong to me
04 stop world
05 It's over
06 Everything you need
07 Heavy okay
08 Just like that
09 Bonnie in a dress
10 Around the world
11 telenovela
12 Back to Bielefeld