Benny Steinbach - Dann ist die Welt in Ordnung (CD) (5871746187417)

Benny Steinbach - Then the world will be in order (CD)


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"Then the world is in order" impresses with its complexity, depth and absolute authenticity. Woven into balladesque robes, the sensitive, partly bluesy songs are driven by progressive rhythms.
In the sometimes unusual framing, some pieces surprise with the use of groovy organs, Rhodes, the crystal-clear sounds of a glockenspiel or the artist's incisive piano and guitar playing.

01 NEW!
02 I'm waiting here
03 Too much wind under your wings
04 You look tired
05 Then all is right with the world
06 When the light comes on
07 Better
08 Balance
09 I was always just asking
10 The humidity isn't enough tonight