Bernard Hebb - Guitar Worlds (Guitar music from the 17th and 20th century) (CD) (5871761653913)

Bernard Hebb - Guitar Worlds (Guitar music from the 17th and 20th century) (CD)

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The present recordings by Bernard Hebb present compositions from two different eras of solo guitar music: music from the 17th and 20th centuries. These recordings are about rarities in the guitar repertoire, works that have hardly been recorded. A treat for every lover of classical guitar music!
The compositions of the 17th century were originally written for the five-course baroque guitar, namely the works of Ludovico Roncalli, Francesco Corbetta, Robert de Visée and Henri Grenerin. The compositions of the 20th century are by Pierre Lerich, Larry Sitsky, Federico Garcia Lorca and Joaquin Rodrigo and are based on folkloric elements. With the exception of Federico Garcia Lorca's Canciones Españolas Antiguas, the recordings are exclusively original works for guitar.
All recordings are recorded on modern concert guitars.

1. Prelude
2. Sarabanda
3. Gavota
4. Allemande cherie de son Altesse le Duc de York
5. Gavotta aymée de Duc Monmouth
6th jig
7. Overture de la Grotte de Versailles de Lully
8. Prelude
9. Allemande
10. Sarabande
11. Gavotte
12. Vif
13. Lent comme une berceuse