Bernd Brümmer - Einfach E-Gitarre spielen (DVD) (5906918998169)

Bernd Brümmer - Just play electric guitar (DVD)


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With this DVD by best-selling author Bernd Brümmer, you can get right into the heart of the game practice. Right from the start you learn to play real rock and pop pieces. Step by step, Bernd Brümmer shows you all the necessary playing techniques, the typical sounds and the basic know-how.
All you have to do is copy it and you can take over as the guitarist! All band playbacks with and without e-guitar. Includes pick playing, strumming, muting, power chords, chord fingerings, arpeggios, riffs, backing rhythms, pentatonic scales, soloing, sounds, effects, tips and much more. Extensive booklet with fingering diagrams and tablature.
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01 intro
02 single trail
03 power day
04 There and back
05 open min
06 Carry on
07 step-by-step
08 Solo
09 Really huge crocodile pet
10 tool box