Bitter Piece - Vastyrion Rising (Timezone 2CD-Edition) (2CD) (5871693496473)

Bitter Piece - Vastyrion Rising (Timezone 2CD Edition) (2CD)


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Bitter Piece were founded in Osnabrück in 2004, they made their mark in 2006 with their debut EP "Hell's Asylum". In the years that followed, the Lower Saxony concentrated primarily on their energetic, intense live shows. The guys played gigs supporting Exodus, Heaven Shall Burn, Warbringer, Nearea and Gwar.
At the beginning of 2012 the guys smashed their debut album "Vastyrion Rising" - a bastard of melody and aggression. The name "Vastyrion", combined from the words "vast" (= powerful) and "tyr" (abbr. tyrant = tyrant) also marks the name of the new band mascot the "Vastyr", which appears for the first time in the band's history on the current cover -Artwork gives credit.
With their original blend of brutality, melody and groove, Bitter Piece break out of the general corset genre. Stylistically between old school and modern, thrash and core, black and death - don't give a fuck, the main thing is metal!

01 Impact
02 I seek revenge
03 taken
04 horizon
05 Sun's eruption
06 End of days
07 Capital wasteland
08 The curtain is closed
09 Ruthless aggression
10 The wall in you
Bonus Tracks:
11 Within his eyes
12 killing fields