Björn - Oh What Pretty Thing (CD) (5871762800793)

Björn - Oh What Pretty Thing (CD)


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It's hard to describe music that's honest enough to give each song space to be exactly what it wants to be. The album "Oh What Pretty Thing" is hauntingly naked and rawly produced. As a listener you feel like you're sitting between the band, as if the sounds are close to your ear, almost in your head and then in your heart. It's an album that you want to listen to lying on the floor, that drives away the cold, shows the bird the bird and talks about being human. It's pop music with weird instruments. Acoustic sound of double bass, trombone and suitcase, plus electronic sounds. In between, the singing hovers, direct and pure. This album is not a journey, it is a deep dive into one's own intimacy

01 Faces
02 4.34pm
03 Filou
04 Mary
05 2.17 am
06 Nose
07 friends
08 1 am
09 Yours
10 11.30 p.m