Björnemann - Niemandsland (CD)

Björnemann - No Man's Land (CD)


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"My sky has a colorful blue" is a line in a song by BJÖRNEMANN. Unshakeable optimism and melancholy go hand in hand in his songs.
After he used to like to cover Springsteen and Johnny Cash, the singer/songwriter from Northern Hesse only plays his own program with his own German-language songs during his often two-hour performances and would like to present his first album "Niemandsland" to the public in spring 2022.
When BJÖRNEMANN starts a concert with "James Dean", a wistful harp and driving drums immediately give an idea that an emotionally intense evening has begun. While tears may flow during "Somewhere in the Sky Tent", the audience can dance happily and exuberantly in the best carnival mood during "Ohne Sterne, ohne Mond". The sound also varies, because BJÖRNEMANN doesn't like to be pigeonholed. "For me, it's crucial that my music touches people's hearts, regardless of whether they're listening to the CD by the fireplace or in the car, or singing and dancing along at the concert," says the artist.
Together with his drummer Thomas Schneider, he embarked on a crazy adventure and wouldn't mind making music for as many people as possible soon. With the blessings of both wives, by the way...

01James Dean
02 My Marilyn
03 Somewhere in the sky
04 Here in no man's land
05 Superstar
06 shadow games
07 No stars, no moon
08 linden leaf
09 What is written in the stars
10 Daylight Saving Time