Black as Chalk - Halations (CD) (5906919227545)

Black as Chalk - Halations (CD)


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There's a young, alternative radio station with a clear message: Rock music, yes, but not mainstream. The program manager's motto: I don't want to hear any hits here, but sophisticated, intelligent rock music with a few rough edges, but not too hard, not too punky and definitely not too violent. It has to sound great, no one switches off, but things shouldn't be too smooth.
And now the band Black As Chalk from Göttingen comes into play. Their new album "Halations" offers their two best songs right at the beginning with "I Do" and "Alibi" and with this double pack they are a very hot candidate for the aforementioned young, alternative radio station away from the mainstream. Emotional, a few great ideas, intoxicating, rocking along and actually indie rock at its finest.

01 I do
02 alibi
03 Little girl
04 dancing
05 The cloven boy
06 Weird lovemakers
07 Untitled
08 Start a fire
09 Drunk boy
10 Trash 'n cash
11 Spanish flu
12 Poor lucy