Blind Man’s Gun - Beyond The Darkness (CD) (5871740551321)

Blind Man's Gun - Beyond The Darkness (CD)


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Five eventful years lie behind the heavy rock band BLIND MAN'S GUN from Hamburg. After numerous performances, including as support for international and national artists, they worked intensively on new songs in 2015/2016 and will release them on their new album "Beyond the Darkness" in autumn 2016 under the flag of Alster Records.
After the first EP "HELLDORADO" in 2013, the new album "BEYOND THE DARKNESS" is now being followed up. The core of the album is a trilogy that tells of the destruction of the earth by humans, who are finally trying to save their own habitat.
The music is dramatic and passionate, every word well considered and interpreted powerfully. Heavy riffs meet Nadine's strong, melodic vocals and take an unpredictable course. This is exactly the trademark of this band, always providing musical surprises without being untrue to their style.
The disc has the motto: "Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall." by Confucius. It should give people the hope to get up stronger after failure.
BLIND MAN'S GUN reaches a new level and aims to push boundaries in every way. The record was produced by Torben Ibs and Lars Springer on the controls. Music and lyrics were written by Lars Springer and Nadine Meyer. Henning Basse did the vocal recording and the backing vocals.

01 Helldorado
02 Inside Out
03 Evil Eyes
04 Beyond The Darkness
05 One Thousand
06 Black Knight
07 Hands Off
08 Purple Parachute
09 Prelude To Pieces
10 Broken Mirror Pieces