Blonder Bengel - Studentinnenfrühstück (CD)

Blonde boy - student breakfast (CD)


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Blonde brat sings songs about the time between 8 p.m. and 8 a.m., about mountains from below, churches from the outside and pubs from the inside. About flying high and falling low, about ending and starting over, about best friends and even better enemies, about the irresistible appeal of unreasonableness, about passion, freedom, integrity, home, pride and being true to yourself.
Music for all those who have kept a bit of inner turmoil. This bittersweet emotional roller coaster ride.
Straightforward power pop with guitars and moody lyrics. Music that picks you up and brings you home. Music that doesn't claim to be clean and perfect, just and no less than real. An uncompromising, occasionally unbearably honest journey through all rounds of the eternal duel against the meaninglessness and hopelessness of life, on which neither excuses nor justifications are provided.

01 1000 admirers
02 Only because of you
03 Student breakfast
04 Yes Man
05 Addicted to the pain
06 children of separation
07 Because you don't say anything
08 Before and after
09 What it is about
10 All the best