Blood and Tears - Hol Dir mein Herz (CD) (5871673573529)

Blood and Tears - Get My Heart (CD)


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Blood and Tears play melancholic, gothic heavy rock and with their debut album "Hol Dir mein Herz" deliver the soundtrack for the dark season and all the crises that are still to come.
The Coswig quartet around frontman Andreas Kothe lets it rip. On "Hol Dir mein Herz" instrumental heaviness meets gentle Nordic melancholy à la "Him" & "Sentenced", whose deceased guitarist Miika Tenkula the album is dedicated to. A soulful homage to the Finnish masters of melancholic rock.

01 hate me
02 No last kiss
03 Let me die
04 Get my heart
05 love until death
06 Only for you
07 I will never leave you alone
08 Heaven was ready
09 Muistoksi milka tenkula (1974 - 2009)