Bluescats feat. Tommie Harris - Ride With Mule 5 (Live At Haus Eifgen) (CD) (5871811526809)

Bluescats feat. Tommie Harris - Ride With Mule 5 (Live At Haus Eifgen) (CD)


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Anyone who sees Tommie Harris on stage today looks at 80 years of lived blues gospel and jazz history: authentic, honest, real. Tommie Harris was born in Bessemer, Alabama in 1938. As a child of a musical family, music was born to him. Even while he was in high school, he used to drum on drums, some of which he built himself, sang in the gospel choir and played 45 blues records at his family's parties on the weekends.
In 1959, like many blacks in the United States, he joined the Air Force out of frustration at the lack of prospects and persistent racial segregation. His way to Germany led him via Korea. Here he founded his first band in 1964, which soon successfully toured the American bases. Even after his time in the army was over, it was clear: his future as an independent musician lay in Europe.
Tommie Harris has been living in Germany for 51 years and touring all over the world. He played with a wide variety of musicians, including big names like Jimmie Reed and Luther Allison, in whose band he played until Allison's death, and repeatedly appeared with his own band projects - currently under the name Tommie Harris And Friends. Music is the home that Tommie Harris has preserved.
His blues-soaked voice contains 50 years of German/American music history. The path led from the 'foreign' music of the GIs through the 'wild' 60s and 70s to the 'recognized' cultural heritage. In the meantime, his work has also been recognized in the USA. Tommie Harris was inducted into the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame in 1987.
The Bluescats look forward to presenting this wonderful musician. On January 12th, 2019 they recorded and filmed a concert at Haus Eifgen in Wermelskirchen.

1. Why I Sing the Blues
2. Ride With Mule 5
3. Luther's Blues
4. Take Your Time
5. Caledonia
6. BB King Story
7. The Thrill Is Gone
8. Got My Mojo Working
9. It's A Blues World
10. Night Time Is The Right Time
11. Who's Been Talking
12. Just A Little Bit
13.Georgia On My Mind