Bluesin’ The Groove feat. Adam Hall - Mess Around (CD) (5871687041177)

Bluesin’ The Groove feat. Adam Hall - Mess Around (CD)


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What happens when two "giants" of the German blues scene and a "Young Lion" on drums cross paths at a jam session and realize that they are "made for each other"? They decide to present the fantastic groove in a joint project from now on - and because the whole thing was born out of sheer joy of playing, a trio emerges that is unparalleled in terms of spontaneity and freshness.
When tenor saxophonist and singer Tommy Schneller, the already legendary pianist Chris Rannenberg and drummer Alex Lex make music together, it is a completely new, exciting and stimulating experience, even for experienced blues freaks. By chance, in February 2012, the three met the Australian trumpeter Adam Hall, who was touring with saxophone legend Big Jay McNeely at the time. After a short jam session it was clear! We have to do something together.

01 Let's have a party
02 Mess around
03 I'll be satisfied
04 Night time is the right time
05 Jambalaya
06 Reet small
07 Jump children
08 Goin' to Chicago
09 Tommy s
10 Fools fall in love
11 Big chief
12 All of me