Bongen’s - Kunst (oder was mit Tieren) (CD) (5871703392409)

Bongen's - Art (Or Something With Animals) (CD)


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Four years after Bongen's debut album "Hagel Graupel Raumschott" comes the successor, which goes by the no less unwieldy name "Art (or something with animals)".
The thirteen songs tell of searching, of quarrels and doubts, of growing pains or - as it is called in "I'm getting better" - of the usual trouble with gravity. But if you fall flat on your face, then do it in style. And humour. It never ends in resignation. There is always a glimmer of hope, an idea of ​​how it could be.
Musically, "Art" moves between indie rock and singer/songwriter. There are also elements of folk, country and blues. The instrumentation was correspondingly versatile: accordion, mandolin, Rhodes piano, home organ, glockenspiel, harp, cajon, cabasa, bongos, shaker, triangle ... - everything is allowed to participate as long as it helps the song.

1. I'm getting better
2. Tourist
3. What happens (if nothing happens)
4. Contaminated
5. Moths in the light
6. Parasite love
7. Goldfish
8. Charles de Gaulle
9. Where Starlet Belongs
10. Search dog
11. Idiot
12. We all go to hell
13. Noise