Boris Steinberg - Wilde Pferde ... in meinem Körper (CD) (5871721939097)

Boris Steinberg - Wild Horses...In My Body (CD)


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Boris Steinberg, the original Berlin chanson singer, sang his own style tone for tone in the wild Berlin chanson of the 90s, shaping himself with self-written songs and texts, and a permanent place in the "New Berlin Chanson Scene".
For ten years he was the organizer of the Berlin Chanson Festival and he is currently the host of the monthly Salon-Chanson of the Berlin Volksbühne in the Grüner Salon there. He found his way onto the radio in the early 2000s with his secret radio hits "Parachutist" and "Unter meine Haut". Together with his congenial companion, guitarist Tobias Schmidt, a new CD has now been created - wild horses in my body.
On his ninth studio album, he takes the listener on a night trip through Berlin: from Wedding to Neukölln, from Kreuzberg to Prenzlauer Berg. With poetry, humor and heart he looks behind the window panes of his city ("Behind"), he hangs out in one of the last corner bars ("Don't worry, I'm fine!"), he searches for the old Berlin of the old days ("Berliner Nosebleeds") and meets a Jesus ("Tattooed Crosses"), who bathes all darkness in wonderful light.
All this and much more happens between sleeping traffic lights at dawn and the last cigarette on the old Berliner mattress until the wild seahorses go to sleep ("Wild Horses in My Body").

01 Don't worry (I'm fine)
02 crackers and crackers
03 I don't know how to make love
04 Nothing but miracles
05 Behind (houses, houses…)
06 Berlin nosebleeds
07 Enjoy the atmosphere on these days
08 Tattooed crosses
09 Many things begin unnoticed
10 wild horses... in my body