Brahim Shexo - Dilopên Sîyekê (Drops Of A Shadow) (CD) (5871736193177)

Brahim Shexo - Dilopên Sîyekê (Drops Of A Shadow) (CD)


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If several different tones sound at the same time, a chord is created, or if this happens over a longer period of time, a network of sounds. But even a single tone can replace everything just mentioned, can say just as much or even more. There is no question that Brahim's origins and musical culture are reflected in the metaphorical language and longing of his music.
Since that (his origin) created a musical environment shaped by the most diverse impressions, Brahim's sound recipe or composition is difficult to assign to a specific style. In the course of his artistic development, his understanding of music was also strongly influenced by improvisation, which is why he always sees his work as a dialogue between himself and the free tones.
Ultimately, Alena Gschwandtner decides where his musical home is.

01 Ne ew bû… Ne ew bû… (It Was Not That…)
02 Dilopên Sîyekê (Drops of a Shadow)
03 Rê (Way)
04 Ne ew bû (It Was Not That) Piano Solo
05 Dans de Phrygia
06 Nema
07 Nema Piano Solo
08 second part
09 Love