Breitschuh singt Brel - Bei den Leuten da (CD) (5871738978457)

Breitschuh sings Brel - With the people there (CD)


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Songs by Jacques Brel with German lyrics by Eckart Breitschuh. Greg Baker on the piano. Eckart Breitschuh has so far translated more than 30 Brel titles into German in a very personal and yet true-to-the-original way, thus making the emotional power of Brel's chansons directly tangible for the German-speaking audience.
Breitschuh's energetic performance is sometimes flattering, sometimes pleading, sometimes cheeky and always rousing. He sings about carnal lust and love frustration, friendship and transience, devotion and rebellion. He takes us where it hurts the most and leaves many a wet eye in the audience. He is accompanied congenially by Greg Baker, who has more than 35 years of stage, studio and musical experience as a pianist.
The translations are created in coordination with Jacques Brel's subsidiary France Brel and Editions Jacques Brel in Brussels.

01 Jackie
02 With the people there
03 I don't know
04 The drunkard
05 Please stay there
06 candies
07 On target
08 The old ones
09 Brussels
10 The flat country
12 The stranded of the night
13 Love Is Only Ours (Bonus Track)