Brendan Lewes And The Gambling Ambers - 9 Songs Sung From The End (CD) (5948076490905)

Brendan Lewes And The Gambling Ambers - 9 Songs Sung From The End (CD)


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Every success always includes a portion of luck. English singer-songwriter Brendan Lewes, who was forced to think outside the box this year, was lucky. With online streams, being able to play live concerts in front of parked cars and behind a plexiglass pane in his local pub. Even 350 kilometers on the bike to do a garden concert tour through Schleswig-Holstein didn't stop him. Everything was different this year, large parts of society came together in a wide variety of ways to support art. With this in mind, Brendan's new album, Nine Songs Sung From The End, will be released on November 27th, completed after a successful crowdfunding campaign.
The idea of ​​the album is simple: “Politically, socially and ecologically we are racing towards the abyss. The songs were written from that perspective,” says Brendan. The lyrics range from his often angry reaction to the gross inequalities of modern society to reflections on his touring life in Germany. The album contains songs with a full band, but also "just guitar", piano and vocals. Brendan mixes blues, rock and folk influences. The album was recorded with the Gambling Ambers, a supporting line-up of amazing musicians and friends from Kiel, the place Brendan now calls home.

01 generation remain
02 dot com boom
03 Northward Bound
04 Time Stand Still
05 All That Matters
06 Always The Victim
07 Settle Down
08 What Is Left Is To Burn
09 One Last Cheesy Love Song