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Brock - 11 (CD)


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For over three decades, Alexander Brock has been writing songs about current affairs and topics that have always been important, such as love, beauty, life and death. As a doctor, he learned to observe, and this is where his songs come from, which he now releases on his first CD “11”.
Intelligent, emotional lyrics in German meet melodies that you can't get out of your head. Brock is a classic songwriter who, influenced by French chanson and Brit Pop, breaks new ground.
Join him on his musical journey and immerse yourself in stories of beautiful people, cell phones, little men... and for Christmas, enjoy a brand new swinging Christmas carol.

1. Beautiful people
2. Only for you
3. Internet woman
4. Without my cell phone
5. Politics
6. Father and Son
7. Fit
8. Everything was already there
9. Out of nowhere
10. Little man
11. It's Christmas
12. Conclusion (Instrumental)