Broken Fate - Reborn (CD) (5871775711385)

Broken Fate - Reborn (CD)


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Broken Fate was formed in Switzerland in 2007 and since mid-2009 they have been very active live! In November 2015 her highly acclaimed debut album The Bridge Between was released and was released worldwide through Massacre Records. On April 6, 2018 their second album "Reborn" will be released, with which the band has perfected their sound of catchy metal/rock with a lot of mainstream character.
The band has made a name for itself over the past eleven years as an energetic live band that leaves no one indifferent and never fails to delight audiences. If you like Metal a la Metallica with a pinch of Nickelback, you can't ignore this band.

1. We Want More
2. I Forget Nothing
3. The Hammer Crushes You
4. Don't Wake Me Up
5. Humanity In Black
6.Kiss the Night
7. Everything Around You
8. Our War Against All
9. Souls Of Metal
10. Fire And Gasoline
11. The Ruler Of Mankind
12. On The Other Side